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BEADED HEAD BANDS will be coming soon
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My new Products

All my creations make unique gifts for family, friends or yourself. All my products sold here are handmade by me, Lisa Cullins. I am located in Petaluma, in the wine country of Northern California.

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12mm Turquoise Howlite and 10mm Black Glass Discs make this eye catching peice. It can be seen on the Womens Necklace page.


The Freshwater Pearls are 7mm rice shaped with an adjustable Hook clasp. this new design can be seen on the Womens Necklace page


Do you need a unique gift? If you are are having a hard time deciding what to get someone or yourself, I have many styles for women, men and kids to choose from. You can come see me or I can come see you. I have many unique and one of a kind designs that are not on the web site. Custom designs and sizing can be arranged. Contact me for more info.

I am doing private showings of my Jewelry line for your shopping pleasure. Contact me by phone (707-849-5222) or e-mail (simplyelegnt@yahoo.com) to set up an appointment.

Check out my newest production designs. I also have many One of a Kind designs of necklaces and bracelets. .

Invite me show my jewelry at your gathering of any kind, and I will offer a discount to the host

I now have unique eyeglass strings, more colors will be available soon

This is a One of a kind design made with white ceramic and amber beads. It cn be seen on the One of a Kind Designs Page


This disign is done with Howlite Turquoise and Jet Glass. It can be purchased as a set or sepreately. I will be doing this design in other stones soon, so come back soon to see what I use. You can see all my necklace designs are on the Womens Necklace Page. $85.oo - set

SF Giants & Oakland A's

Bead Weave

I make this design for both women and men. 3mm beads are woven with a button clasp to create it. It can be seen on the Womens Bracelets and Mens Bracelets pages


These red pearls and black jet glass are beautiful any time of year. the necklace and bracelet are sold as a set or as sepreately

Womens Necklaces


The Devon design is made for both women and men. the womens design is made with Lapis or Onyx. the mens is made with Onyx.

womens bracelets and mens bracelets


Elegant 3 is made with Onyx and Mahogany Obsidian for the band and has Tiger Eye, Onyx and metal beads for highlights. $55.00

womens bracelets


Charmed is also available with Turquoise and Yellow Turquoise. they can be found on my womens bracelets page - $30


My Bold Pearls seen here in White are also done in Black and Dark Gray. $50 Womens Bracelets



Howlite Turquoise, Jet Glass and a grape charm make this eye catching bracelet. It is also available in Denim Lapis. $60

Womens Bracelets


This bracelet is made of Hematite, a stone know for it's spitural grounding. $30.00

Womens Bracelets


A real .32 cal. bullet with the powder removed is the charm for this onyx mens bracelet

Mens Bracelets


Denim Lapis make this simply charming bracelet. It is also done with Red Howlite, White pearls, and Onlyx. $50

Womens Bracelets

Simply Elegant MENS Braclets are my newest addition. I'm using onyx, tiger eye and maghogany Obsidian to create these unique braclets.


This elegant men's braclet is made with Mahogany Obsidian and Onyx.

Mens Bracelets $45

These three bracelets are Lady Simple Charm in Onyx. Judy done with Mahogany Obsidian and Jane down with Onyx.

Womens Bracelets


This Elegant style is made with Mahogany Obsidian. $50

Womens Bracelets

This look is three bracelets worn together. Lady Simple Charm in white Pearls and Jane in Denin Lapis and white Pearls.

Womens Bracelets


This Simple bracelet is made with black jet glass beads and a Sodalite highlight. $25.00

Womens Bracelets

I have a varity of styles for womens bracelets. I use mostly semi prescious stones and glass pearls in my designs. I will be doing some fresh water pearl designs soon.
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Coming Soon - Kids Bracelets
The pink dasie ladder measures just under 6"
My womens bracelets average size 7, and mens 8 1/2. Most are strung with a streach monofiliment type string. contact me for custom sizing. There will be a $10 additional fee for custom sizing


This bracelet style is called Elegant It is made with Picture Jasper. This unique style is also done in Sodalite, and Onyx. they can be seen on the womens bracelets page. $50